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On June 8, 2024, Safffo celebrated two years of community, parties, interstellar connections... Presenting the third edition of the Safffo Queer 1-day Fest(a) at MONK!

The festival brought together artists of all genres for a day of art, workshops, live music, performance and connection.

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From the desire to create a safer space for the FLINTA (female, lesbian, intersex, non-binary, trans and asexual) and queer community, we are evolving into a reality capable of creating opportunities and making art and expression visible of artists who are oppressed by the white patriarchal hetero-cis system.

The intention is to remove the superfluous; be it social barriers, judgment, preconceptions, and why not, bigots!

June 8th is our way to thank everyone for the support and continue to promote a community of workers and entertainment workers, let's continue building up a community of queer art workers!

The proposed line-up reflects the Latin and Italian duality of Safffo's founders, highlighting and prioritizing artists from the FLINTA, QUEER, LATINX and BIPOC community.

Furthermore, Sapffo aims to create new languages that go beyond existing conventions. Creating a collective language that acts as a bridge between individualities allows us to overcome the boundaries imposed by social, cultural and generational differences. This artistic language not only aims to connect people, but also to collectively address and liberate us from traumas that arise from individual experiences of queer, trans, and marginalized groups.

If the CIS-theme oppresses us, we strengthen the sense of community!

LINE-UP 2024


With the support of:

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