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FROM 2022

Safffo (with three fs) is a collective formed in Rome with the aim of giving space to independent queer artistic expression. Born in June 2022, founded by Marta Massarelli, 27 years old and Lucy Bellotti, 29 years old.


Safffo events respond to the need to create spaces where bodies that do not necessarily correspond to the cis-heteronormative conception find a home. The intention is to remove the superfluous, be it barriers, clothes, judgements, preconceptions and bigots, creating a necessary option for Rome's LGBTQIA+ nightlife.



Safffo is a celebration of many different realities, united together by an artistic thread. The artistic proposals draw attention to the importance of overturning stereotypes, clichés that survive in our time. Security policies for creating safer spaces are based on consent, freedom of expression and non-judgment. Safffo events do not exclude and are not born from opposition to something, but from the desire for sharing and union, through artistic expression, where the rules of hetero-cis normativeness are challenged and subverted to the rhythm of celebration.



Safffo is a non-discriminatory space. At our events, there is a zero tolerance policy for any type of violence and discrimination, with the aim of creating safer spaces for womxn, queer and trans people. If you do not agree with this policy, you are not welcome at our events.

  • Zero tolerance for harassment or violence of any kind. If anyone makes you uncomfortable in any way, please let the organization or a member of the venue staff know. We are all responsible for the safety of others, be kind.

  • Consent is mandatory. Don't touch anyone without consent. We know that it can happen, especially in parties and crowded situations, but do not deliberately push or touch anyone without their consent. Always ask first and remember that no means no.

  • Awareness team. You can easily spot people with yellow vests at our events that are there to make you feel safe. We are willing to listen and help anyone in need, come say hi!

  • Ask, don't assume. Don't assume anyone's gender identity or sexual orientation, always ask for pronouns.

Safeness is not limited to reading written policies, but are gestures of collective awareness translated into action. Collaboration is essential for building a safer space <3

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